Sunday, September 26, 2010

New international faces

I've previously mentioned that Mark and I are in different classes this semester. One of the best aspects of being separated is the opportunity to meet twice as many fun people!

Last weekend Mark went out with his classmates on Friday night and I met my class for lunch on Saturday. We both had a ton of fun. Mark didn't take any pictures, so I don't have anything to show from his night out... but I did hear some hilarious stories about some intense fooseball games. I believe the Japanese girls had to be told by the bar owner to please stop screaming every time they scored a goal. SEGOY!!!!!! <-- (FYI: the Japanese word for hooray or great.)

Below are some pics of my classmates and even a teacher who joined us.

Our teacher randomly wanted Mexican, so we went to On the Border. Here I am with a few of the girls.


Here are a few more classmates. The two guys make me laugh really hard on a daily basis.


One of our classmates, Anne, is from Thailand but married to a Korean man. She has 3 children, and she brought her 5-year-old daughter with her. SOOoooooo cute.


After lunch, we went to the noraebang. We had margaritas with lunch, but singing in front of a bunch of people without having much liquid courage is MUCH harder than it initially sounded. Oh, my speaking teacher (she's also Mark's listening and reading teacher) is in the big chair in the middle.


Look forward to spending more time with these people. This semester it's pretty cool because we really can communicate better and can get to know the non-English speakers this time around. Which is good because more than 50% of my class really can't speak English at all.

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