Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another adoptee in Seoul

Funny how random people seem to stumble across this little blog that was created just to keep the people back home updated about our lives in Korea. Recently, we had an opportunity to meet a really interesting and sweet adoptee named Anne who was visiting Korea. Anne actually lived in Sung Ae Won Orphanage for awhile. You know, the one Kevin lived at and we visited? Anne was going to Busan to see the orphanage and wanted some advice about who to contact, how to get there, etc.

So we met Anne and her husband on a dreary, rainy day in Seoul for some 갈국수 and 만두 in Myeongdong. I love this restaurant, it's famous for the handcut noodles and kimchi. Mmmm....

Here's the group:


Anne was actually adopted to France, but her husband is a Canadian-American. (I think?) They're planning to move to NYC when they return to North America. They also talk about coming to live in Korea for a year or so eventually. Such an international couple! It's always fun getting to meet new people. Thanks for contacting us, Anne!

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AF said...

Hi Kim and Mark!
I have just seen your post right now. Thank you for the nice lunch we had with you both. We are back to real life in Chicago and finally move to NYC next week!
good luck and all the best

Anne & Kurt