Thursday, September 23, 2010

Idiot-Proofing Desperately Needed

In Korea, contact lenses are sold over the counter. As in, you go to an eye-glass shop, show your previous box of contacts, and voila - your new contacts are handed to you. For an extra $7 you can even get colored contacts. (But for those like Mark with blue eyes, you're out of luck. You have a choice of brown, brown, or brown.) But it's really nice not to have to schedule an appointment with an eye-doctor and pay for a whole exam when you can see just fine with your current prescription and all you need are new contacts.

HOWEVER, when you buy contacts in the States, they come in clearly marked bags with your name on them. Also, the eye-doctor's office mark's each box with a color-coded "right" or "left" sticker. Not the case here...

I put in my new contacts, went to school and couldn't read the board. Mark wore his contacts for several days and had a splitting headache each time. Initially, we got kind of mad at the man that sold us the contacts and planned to go back and demand a switch/refund... "He gave us the wrong prescriptions!" But then we realized that 1) I was wearing Mark's contacts and 2) Mark was wearing his contacts in the wrong eyes. After we figured both of these issues we were fine.

Uh yeah, not the proudest moment for the Johnsons.

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