Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goooooo Doosan!!!

It's no All Star game, but we attended another Korean baseball game with some of our co-workers. We learned that sitting in the cheap seats is WAY better than the more expensive ones. For one, you just buy a ticket for a section and can sit wherever you want. And two, the crowds are rowdier.

Here are me and Kerry getting ready to cheer on the team...

Here's our co-worker, Chris intently watching the game. We were sitting in the outfield, but it was still close enough to the field to see everything very clearly.

These games are a lot of fun! I only wish baseball games back home were this cheap! :)

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Dad said...

I was wondering how much you paid to get inside for the game. I believe the cheapest ticket here for the All-Star game was around $300!!! I hope you and Mark got to see some of that game.