Thursday, July 16, 2009

"The Ambulance!"

On our continuing quest to try out new restaurants, Mark and I decided to try the Smokey Saloon in Itaewon. It is known for it's fantastic burgers. So far, the best burger I've found in Korea was from TGI Friday's, so I was excited!

This place is tiny and there's always a huge line. But the smell wafting out was incredible, and we went at 2:30 on a Sunday, so the line was significantly shorter.

We decided to go all out with cheese sticks, fries, a 3 cheese burger for me, and a BBQ/bacon/smoked cheddar burger for Mark.

But we didn't go as wild as we could have... their signature burger is called "The Ambulance" and for good reason. It has egg, bacon, cheese, a burger, and hash browns on it. Mark wasn't feeling quite that ambitious! :)

Here's a final shot of Mark post-meal. Doesn't he look happy?

Actually, we were  both pretty happy and agreed that we will be visiting the Smokey Saloon again. There was a sloppy joe sandwich on the menu that caught my eye... And maybe Mark will go for "The Ambulance" next time around!


zMom said...

Kim and Mark, glad to see that you are keeping busy on the week-ends. The Mud Festival looked interesting, but I think Dad would prefer the baseball game. So glad you found the Smokey Saloon. The food looks great. Don't think I'll try the 'Ambulance' or we may end up having to call for one!!The photos of the little ones in their P.J.'s were darling! How cute!

Kristin S said...

The ambulance is Joe's dream burger. He always raves about eggs on burgers. I have never tried it but i think i'll stick to my McDonalds breakfast sammys! I hope you guys are having fun. Joe and I miss ya lots. Can't wait till you guys come home.

Julia said...

you guys are too cute. love it.