Thursday, May 28, 2009

I won the husband lottery

K: Things came to a head at work lately, and boy, do I have lucky to have such a great guy on my side. Basically, what happened is this... I'm already teaching 8-9 classes every day.  I was already feeling overworked and stressed as it was.

Then, 0ur hagwon owner decided to open another class and that I would give up my afternoon free periods on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to teach them. I'm usually the type to avoid any sort of confrontation, so I was upset, didn't know what to do, and even thought about quitting. So my knight on a white horse galloped up to save the day.

Today, Mark had a very long and serious talk with our boss, Nicole. He basically told her (in a very professional way) that my happiness is the most important thing to him and she needed to find another solution. He told her that my taking on extra work wasn't a possibility and if need be, the two of us would walk. (Wow!)

She seemed worried about that, and told me she wants to meet with me tomorrow. Mark and I talked for a long time tonight and came up with another possible solution of merging two classes to create an additional free period for me. 

I will meet with her bright and early tomorrow and hopefully the results will be good... Cross your fingers for me! :)


Carey said...

Good luck Kim. i hope it all works out! I sure do miss you! Other than work, i hope all is going well there. Hopefully you have amazing weather! :D

Julia said...

aww, mark is a good one. glad he can speak up for you...i mean, he has a physical presence over there, right? giant white man syndrome? :)

Jen said...

You totally won that lottery! He's kinda like Shrek: big, scary, and kinda smelly (at first), but deep down, just a softy!

Happy weekend (or whenever it is over there!)

Peace said...

It's great that you could work this out. I had the same problem with my first hagwon, and a more experienced teacher, after hearing me complain probably a lot, told me to go to the boss and say 'change my schedule or i quit.' So nice to see the same problems occuring year after year. :( Good luck with the rest of your stay.

Anonymous said...

Mark is a great guy. I think you both lucked out in finding each other.