Sunday, March 29, 2009

My trip to Guam and Squids in Seoul

Last week, I had to take a trip to Guam so I could get my E2 visa which is required for me to teach English.  I arrived on Friday morning at around 4:00 AM and I left Sunday morning at 2:00 AM.  The whole process was fairly painless and I was able to get everything done on Friday.  The rest of the time I just watched the NCAA tournament and went swimming in the ocean.  Guam is a major tourist location for Koreans and Japanese people.  There were not many Americans who were not involved with the military.  

This is a picture of the Korean consulate.  It was in the most random neighborhood.  The taxi driver turned down this alley in not the best area.   I started to wonder if he knew where he was going when I spotted the Korean flag.  I turned in my documents at 9:00 AM and they had my E2 visa for me by 4:00 PM.  

I stayed in a Holiday Inn Resort.  It was decent.  Below is the view from my balcony.  

Sidlo was in Seoul for the last month doing some training for the Air Force.  He was stationed about 2 hours south of Seoul so we did not have an opportunity to meet up until last weekend.  Unfortunately for me, I was in Guam so just Kim and Joe met up last Saturday.  Joe has another friend working here in Seoul named Andrew.  You can see him in the pictures below.  Joe spent the night at our apartment that night so I was able to see him when I got back Sunday morning.

I have no idea what Joe is doing in this picture but apparently he thinks its hilarious.

This is a picture on Andrew.  

It is very common for Koreans to throw up the peace sign when posing for a picture.  Kim and Joe were just trying to fit in.

It was nice seeing one of our friends from the US and both Kim and I are excited to see our parents when they come to visit this summer.


Dad said...

Say Mark,

When you were in Guam, how many laps did you do around the island?

Aunt Carol said...

Mark, it seems so ridiculous that you had to go to Guam to get a visa -- but swimming in the ocean doesn't sound too onerous, and the process seemed more efficient than your previous experience getting a visa!