Friday, November 2, 2007

Email from Oba!

K: Just got an email from my brother! I had written him earlier to let him know about our plans to come to Seoul. Isn't it so cute that he's already thinking of stuff we can do? I think Mark and I are going to pick up a calling card and try to give him a call. Anyone have any advice how to place a call to China?

Kim: How are you theres days ! torday I receved your email It 's so great you will come to Seoul .but how's the working now? I am worried about that .so I think I will togther with you at that time .can you teach me english too?^_^ I have a lot of plans when you come to Soul .we can go to trivell .cooking togther , play togther ,and ...... I hope i wil togther with you all the times .... Torday i try to call you .but just Make 's message .it's so pity ! I Will call you next time .



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Freaking squeezable!

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