Thursday, March 11, 2010

Plan B

When Mark and I set off on this adventure, we told everyone back home that we would teach English for one year, come home, and everything would be back to normal.

Somehow between then and here things have changed a bit...

Being here, I've accomplished some of the things I've wanted to do. I met my birth father, mother, and brother, learned a little about Korean culture, become OBSESSED with the food, and even survived a year as a teacher. BUT, there is a big hole in what I've done and what I want to do. Most importantly, before I come back to America permanently, I feel that I HAVE to learn Korean. And while the Rosetta Stone is nice, it's just not cutting it.

It is literally killing me to have my entire birth family in my life and not to be able to understand or speak to them. It all really bubbled to the surface when I met my birth mother. She was looking me in the eye, speaking to me, and all I could do was stare blankly back at her. Worst feeling ever.

Mark has told me that he understands I'm on a journey and he'll just follow my lead. (Did I seriously win the husband lottery or what!) I found a Korean language program at Sogang University that seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. The focus is speaking and it is supposed to be the best at getting students speaking quickly.

Today, Mark and I went to Sogang and applied. The whole process sounds pretty painless and if all goes well, we can start classes on June 3rd. We will be attending Korean classes from 9-1 Monday through Friday. Two of those hours are devoted to speaking, one hour is listening and reading, and one hour is writing. We're going to start with a 3 month semester and decide from there if we want to continue.

SOOOO, long story short, we ARE coming home at the beginning of April... but for a visit instead of for good. We'll stay around for about a month and a half and then head back to Korea to try to learn some Korean.

I'm pretty excited about the future and for the first conversation I can hold with my birth parents. Cross your fingers that all goes well and we'll see everyone in St. Louis SOON!

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Jennelle said...

Oh, WOW! I think it's awesome that you are going to go back and learn the language, and that your hubby is so willing to support you. That's awesome!

Lee Farrand said...

I had a feeling you'd decide to stay longer. When my one year was up, I just wasn't ready to go home. Unfinished business to attend to. Here I am, 4 years later.

Good choice!

Anonymous said...

Great News! What happened to the Korean restaurant business we heard rumor of? By the way, both Kathy & I have attempted to send emails to, but we are guessing that is incorrect since there has been no respones.
Let us know how to reach you via email. Thanks

Uncle Terry & Aunt Kathy

Jen said...

We'll miss you (some more!). Good luck though and we can wait to visit!

Mica said...

Wow, what a cool decision and an exciting adventure! I love that Mark is willing/happy to stay in Korea and support you in this endeavor. That is awesome!

I hope that if my birth mom ever changes her mind (or if I can ever meet part of my family), I will know some Korean by then. The idea of meeting through a translator seems kind of awkward.

Naomi said...

Coming out of "lurkdom" to say....
WOW congratulations on your decision!

Mom said...

What an adventure you two are having in the Land of the Morning Calm! Dad and I are looking forward to having you back home even if it's for a short while. We understand completely your desire to learn Korean in order to communicate with your birth family. I think we would feel the same way. Sangqwun will love it when you can carry on a conversa-tion with him!! Good luck!