Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Worst cooking class ever

I have a bi-monthly cooking class with my 5 year old class. They really love it and we try to make simple things that don't require a heating source or knives. We've made things like rice balls, guacamole, pumpkin pudding, and small sandwiches cut with cookie cutters. There have been a few suspect dishes, but this one definitely takes the cake as the worst.

We told the kids we were making canapes. For those of you (like me) who weren't really sure what canapes were... they should look like this:


::image via Culinary Specialties::

Yummy, right?

Now, we've encountered the Korean habit of looking at a picture and guessing what the ingredients are... there's a bar by our school that serves a delicious plate of nachos... the only snag being that the fabulous looking sour cream on top is in fact whipped cream. Not a good surprise.

So, how did we make the canapes?

First, we gave every child 4 or 5 crackers. They were then presented with a tray with various toppings. They could choose from tuna, ham, processed American cheese, mayonnaise, canned corn, and strawberry jelly. I'm still not sure how these toppings were selected.


So naturally, as any 5 year old would, the students opted to put EVERY topping on each cracker. You can't tell me that kids at this age have taste buds because they joyfully scarfed down every single canape. Only one little boy looked at me worriedly and said "Not delicious." No, little Brian, they most certainly are not.

Here are the canapes from hell...




Jen said...

I always wonder why Jack puts ketchup on everything (corn, oreos, chips) and has no problem eating it, in fact almost enjoying it! At least you don't have to eat the canapes and I don't have to eat the ketchup! :)

Erin Folwarski said...

Reminds me of the cake decorating class I "taught" this past summer where, due to my blood sugar level (I told the kids) I was unable to taste any of their creations. Naturally a kid from that class caught me eating chocolate earlier this year and had the audacity to question me. I told him the doctor cleared me to eat sweets.

Are you the Padma and Mark the Tom Colicchio in Top Chef: Seoul?

Mica said...

Hi! Blog-lurker (and fellow adoptee, if it makes it less creepy?) here!

I just wanted to say that I love your blog, and this post made me laugh out loud. Those are some very special canap├ęs for sure.

I really enjoy reading about your and your husband's experiences working and living in Korea. Thanks for taking the time to write this blog!

Arazue said...

Hi! I somehow stumbled across your blog by somehow stumbling across others...

We have cooking class every Friday at my school and we made similarly disgusting canapes. It started with a biscuit, then we put whipped cream, then ham, then cheese, then strawberry jam, then chocolate chips. It was interesting to say the least.

Thanks for sharing!