Friday, February 5, 2010

Big Bushy Mustaches

I talk about my preschoolers a lot, but don't get my gradeschoolers their due credit. I have a really cute class of really smart 1st graders that I teach reading and American social studies to every day. (On an interesting side note, this class is officially Obama obsessed... they manage to bring him up at least once a week. And occasionally there are some hardcore references, like quoting his speeches and stuff...)

Anyway, in our reading class, we were reading the story "The Big Bushy Mustache." So we all made our own mustaches and took some pics. Here are some of my favorites... oh and for the record, there are boys in the class, but they were too embarrassed to let me take a picture of them.



Most of these kids have never studied abroad, and have only studied in academies. But, for all you St. Louisans, the little girl in the white shirt in the middle lived in Chesterfield for a year. She and I love to chat about places she's been. And yes, she loved Ted Drewes. :)

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