Sunday, November 1, 2009


A lot of American holidays have gone uncelebrated while we've been in Korea, but we didn't miss a beat this year on Halloween.

On Friday, our school had a Halloween party day for the kids. All the kids and teachers dressed up. For the first time for as long as I can remember, Mark and I didn't play on the Asian/Caucasian theme. I really wanted Mark to dress up as Godzilla and stalk around the subway so I could take pictures of everyone's reactions, but Mark didn't think it was as funny as I did. Luckily, he wasn't a total party pooper and wore spandex and fake muscles. :)

Here we are ready for the day.

Then the kiddos arrived. I loved chubby little Andy squeezed into his superhero costume.

And here are two little princesses, Judy and Chloe. I swear, about 95% of the girls dressed up as some sort of a princess.

Here's Mark with the girls from his class.

And with the boys from his class.

Each of the teachers was responsible for a station. Some teachers did jack o lantern carving, some did pin the hat on the witch, and some ran the "touch the dead man's body" station. Mark and I got lucky and got to take the kids trick or treating to some neighborhood shops. It was pretty fun.

Mark got really into his costume and posed with all sorts of batmans and superheroes.

Batman even hung out with a unicorn.

A lot of the Korean teachers chose to be very scary characters. Eunice, in particular, dressed up as a very convincing witch. She stayed in character -- hunched over -- all day. Her claim to fame was making about 3 or 4 little girls scream and cry.

Then we had a teacher's costume contest. Each of the kids got a sticker and could put it on their favorite costume. There was some stiff competition between a ninja, Freddie Mercury, Minnie Mouse, Batman, a nerd, a bumblebee, and Poly student, Shrek, and a robot.

The kids must've been impressed with his monster biceps and spandex, because Mark was crowned the winner. Check out all those stickers!

The following night -- on actual Halloween -- we had a party at our apartment. We even had some international guests! SangKwun and Emily flew in from China for it.

Here I am with some of the girls.

Here I am with Emily and her little sister.

SangKwun borrowed Freddie Mercury's stache. It looks so natural, doesn't it?! ;o)

Happy Halloween!


Maggie (c-squared) said...

Congrats to Batman for winning the costume contest! Glad you guys had fun.

Mom (J) said...

I am glad you told us that Mark's muscles were not real. I know that he has been working out .....

행복한 외국인 said...

Whoa!... I haven't stopped by this blog in a while, so forgive me for being so surprised, but Mark seems to have lost A LOT of weight since the first few pictures of you guys in Korea.