Friday, December 14, 2007

Web 2.0 Han Won Style

K: So following my phone conversation with Sang Kwan, we talked via IM for about 45 minutes. It was actually much easier than speaking on the phone because they could take their time responding and reading my messages. Emily did most of the typing since my brother was too nervous about his English, but she would ask him questions since he was sitting right next to her.

We discussed many topics including:
  • Our trip to Korea --- both he and my birth father are expecting us. They want to help us find a job and to live in the family home... we'll see about that. From what I understand, they have an apartment in Seoul but hardly live there. That might be an acceptable living arrangement.
  • The funniest thing was when they mentioned that if we came to Korea we'd have to quit our jobs, and I said that meeting my brother is more important than any job. Emily told me that Sang Kwan was very happy and wanted a beer. haha.
  • We established that we all also enjoy drinking wine. When we get to Korea, we decided we will drink wine and listen to music (something they said they enjoy).
  • Along the listening to music theme, they said they like country music. How crazy is that?
  • They also think that my brother and I look alike!
  • My birth father DID in fact receive the photo album. (Somewhere my mom is doing cartwheels.)
  • Emily & Sang Kwan have been dating 4 years.
  • There were a couple of funny translation issues, or at least I'm going to take them that way... 1) They asked what I was doing right then, I responded, and they followed up by asking me if I'm boring. Hmmm... 2) They asked when we come to Korea if they can live with us. I most certainly hope that was a language barrier issue. I can only imagine living in a cramped apartment with Mark, Sang Kwan, and Emily. Yikes.


Julia said...

Yikes, that could be an interesting living arrangement and a full house! I'm so happy this is working out well for you. How exciting. Your brother is too cute right now.

Hannah said...

How awesome that you were able to speak to your brother on IM. I'm sure they are pumped for you guys to get over there.