Friday, December 28, 2007

First Class Fantasies

K: Well, just a bit of daydreaming today. Mark and I have been talking about booking our flights to Korea with our tax returns this year. That way, we'll have no way out - the tickets are bought - we're going!

We started talking about the flight there, which, according to Travelocity, is a whopping 14 hours and 10 minutes. Now, I have a hard time sitting for that length of time, but my 6'7" hubby falls apart on airplanes. Last time we flew, his ankles were around his neck (while his legs invaded my personal space) and his back started hurting. And that was just a 3 hour flight to Mexico...

I started doing some research on Korean Air, which is supposed to be the best, just to see what the flying conditions would be like. Well...

Here's what Coach/economy looks like. I wish I could get the other pictures to download, but they were in flash. You can see them here if you're interested. I like how they describe the seats as "snug."

Then they have the normal first class seats, which much more leg room.

Then there are the sleeper seat/recliners in first class
Finally, there are the completely unbelievable sleeper seats. *Mark is drooling now.*

Considering just the coach seat is over $1000/person per way, I'm thinking the first class Kosmo Sleeper Seat will remain in our dreams. But it's pretty cool, right?

Guess Mark'll just be loading up on Nyquil and Vicotin for his long jouney east. :-)


Julia said...

Totally need to drug him up, so he doesn't invade your personal space with his freakish legs:) I'm so excited for you! Get those tickets soon so it's official!

Hannah said...

I can only imagine Mark cramped on an airplane for that long!

When I flew to Hong Kong we had a lay over in Korea and I believe I remember the flight being 16 hours from LA to Seoul. I was in coach and it was totally fine for my little 5'6" body. However, when I flew to Germany for work and was in Business Class the difference is amazing... it totally spoiled me and now I dread coach for any long distance flights. If you book early enough business or first class seats may be less expensive so you could try that out. If coach is your only option, once you book your ticket go back in and change your seats to an exit row for more leg room and whatever you do stay out of the first or last row because in the first row you have no room infront of you for your belongings and in the last row you can't recline your seat hardly at all. Good luck! I can't believe how real this is all becoming!