Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am a kyopo!

K: I just found out today that when I go to Korea, they will call me a "kyopo" - meaning Korean-American.

Oh and something on the lighter side: I read a post earlier that said that Koreans get kind of mad when they see a Korean woman with an American man. People said they experienced dirty looks and mean glares. All I can say is that will be one nervy Korean who stares down (haha - or maybe the better word is UP) at Mark. Having that experience will be reason enough to relocate for a year... hahahha...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and Mark,

If you and Mare are not exhibiting your affection for one another during daylight in public in Korea, no one will stare down Mark. Most Koreans have already enough things to worry about it.

Good luck!

Korean man