Monday, July 9, 2007


K: This weekend M and I went through our budget and decided that if we really want to take this trip we're going to have to sacrifice. We have some debt we need to eliminate to make this trip a reality. We're going to follow Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" plan. Currently, we need to pay off our Citi credit card and our student loans. M decided he doesn't actually need his luxury SUV, so he's going to trade it in for a smaller, cheaper car with a lower monthly payment. Finally, (this is just a small step) but we're getting rid of our Blockbuster Online membership. It's only $20/month, but every penny counts!

The next part (I think) will be the toughest. We have decided to cut out eating out entirely until our Citi card (at least!) is paid off. No more quick lunches or Sunday breakfasts or dinners out with friends. Every dollar we save from eating at home will be used to attack our debt!

These next few months will be tough, but I just keep thinking... when we're exploring Korea together, we will be so glad we made the sacrifices!

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