Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CLOTHES Are Here!!!

Well, for our Dino Bebe clothing line to be a success, I guess we'd need some clothes, right?

Weeellll.... a special delivery from China arrived Monday morning.



So many, many clothes.


These are the coats alone. (Kinda wish my actual wardrobe looked like this.)


Unfortunately, these clothes are not going to be available for quite awhile as these are Fall/Winter clothes. When we return to the States, it'll be the Spring/Summer wholesale market selling time. Majorly crossing our fingers that we'll have some Spring/Summer styles available to us so we can hit the ground running when we return home. We'll have a better idea tomorrow when SangKwun arrives in Korea.

Anyway, last night was spent drinking wine and creating adorable little outfits. If we can make it happen, this could be the dream job. :)

Here are a few of my faves:





So what do you think???

Oh and we've got a Facebook fan page up and running (sorta ~ as in the page is up but I don't update it almost ever. Okay, never). But if you're on Facebook, do us a favor and give us some "like". The name is "Dino Bebe USA". I promise I'll put some pictures on there as we make progress.


The Munchkins Mama said...

I'm beyond excited for you two! Now you just need some cute little kids to wear it all! Love it.

Maggie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfits! I spotted that fur vest on the floor immediately! So cute Kim. Can't wait to see more.