Monday, January 25, 2010

Ego Blow

K: Korean cell phones have some really cool features on them... for example video chat. Mark and I couldn't figure out how to use it on his phone, so I asked a couple of my 4th grade students:

Kim: "Can you guys show me how video chat works?"

Grace: "Sure." ::beep beep beep click:: "See, it's up now."

Kim: "Wait, how'd you do that again?"

Louisa: "Uh, you have to do it slowly so she can figure it out."

Grace: "Why don't you know how to do this anyway?"

I've officially entered my parents' generation of having kids more than 15 years younger than me explaining technology to me.


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Dad said...

Your cute story reminds me of that saying: "Out of the mouths of babes" comes all kinds of wisdom. Another example of that age-old saying that we are never too old to learn!! Stay young, dear!!