Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our "Little Brother"

Last year, Kim and I volunteered for Big Brother/Big Sister (BBBS).  They have a program for couples and you are assigned one "Little".  Ideally, you are suppose to  meet with you match at least twice a month.  What you do or the amount of time you spend with them is up to you.   BBBS also encourages weekly phone calls.  

Kim and I were assigned a six year old boy named Tayvion.  This Friday will be the last time we see him.  We are going to meet up with him and give him a photo album containing pictures of us over the last year.  Below I have included some of the pics.  

While the commitment can be a little time consuming, I highly suggest looking into  volunteering for BBBS if you are ever interested.  


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w/ pleats!!!

Dad said...

Mark and Kim,

We hope you have safely arrived in Korea by now. We wanted to tell you both that Kevin called us shortly after we left the airport. He had tried to reach you on your cell phone but in vain. Mom has tried to e-mail you, Kim, on your Fleishman account but it did not go through. What e-mail should we use for you?? We look forward to hearing from you soon.