Friday, September 26, 2008

"MOM.... MEATLOAF!!!!!!!!!!"

K: It's official... Mark and I have boomeranged back into my childhood bedroom. A bright pink bedroom at that (Mark is absolutely thrilled about that key point). Now that our house is completely empty and awaiting closing, we are officially the new roommates of my parents.

But it's not as bad as it sounds... actually it's been really nice. Riley is loving the manicured yard and spending the entire day getting treats and pets from my retired mother. My Dad, on the other hand, is still trying to deny that "that dog" exists (and is living in his house). :)

Mark and I are enjoying the opportunity to spend extra time with my parents, while still getting to maintain our freedom. The neighborhood is also 10x better than our prior East St. Louis Hills residence. Gone are the random punks hanging out in the alleys and the grown man wading around his 2-foot plastic swimming pool with a Busch Light in hand. Helloooo Mr. Roger's neighborhood with friendly neighbors and a fantastic park within walking distance. In fact, we were told by a neighbor that if we want to live in this neighborhood we are required to attend the regular neighborhood "fiesta's." Sounds good to me!

AND this morning I was greeted with a note from my Mom saying she's going to the grocery store and asking if we need anything. Geez, we may never leave.....

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Julia said...

I love the Will Farrell quote!

I knew it wouldn't be THAT bad. And I'm glad you are getting to spend some time with the 'rents before you leave. Such a fun time in your life!