Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cross your fingers!

K: Our house is officially up for sale online! It won't be ready to show until next Monday, thanks to some scratch marks Riley left on our window seat and window sill. But we're making progress.

You can check out the official listings here or here.

Cross your fingers it sells fast! (My mom says she buried a St. Joseph's statue by our house - the patron saint of selling houses. She read somewhere that if you bury him on his head, the house'll sell faster since he doesn't like being on his head. She cracks me up...)


Julia said...

I swear I'm not stalking your blog, even though you just posted this 7 minutes ago! I promise I just logged onto my Google Reader:)

But I just wanted to say Good Luck! You heard Hannah's story about the buried saint, right? She thinks hers was stolen or something! So watch that guy's dirt mound closely:)

Han Won and Hubby said...

That is freaking hilarious that someone stole Hannah's St. Joseph!! Actually, my mom pulled some sort of a sneaky maneuver, because I walked around the house like 3 times last night and couldn't find a dirt mound anywhere. Guess she lasered him in the ground or something. IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!!!

Hannah said...

Yes - My St. Joseph disappeared. Bad omen. Since the house wasn't selling I decided he must be unhappy in his burial spot but when I went to dig him up and try a new spot he was gone!

Good Luck!