Thursday, August 16, 2007

Foot in the mouth *maybe*

K: Just realized I've been slacking on this blog! It's been almost a month. This summer is flying by! Guess there just hasn't been much to report. I wrote an email to my brother in which I (jokingly! - I put a smiley face after it, I swear) told him as his "little sister" I just had to ask if there were any wedding plans for him and his girlfriend. Then I didn't hear anything back from weeks. He usually replies immediately! I was starting to get worried maybe it got lost in translation or maybe SHE was the translator and this put him in a really awkward position. Then I got a message from him saying:

"kim: I 'm sorry .I just read your email. beacuse I 'm in korea now .my computer can't work in here .so if I come back to Beijing I will touch with you ^_^ "

WHEW. That could've been bad... but still no reference to the marriage question. Typical guy!?!??!

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